Combining environmentally friendly business practices with innovative technology used in the processing stage, Mountainside Farms produces purer, better-tasting milk that is free of hormones and antibiotics, with improved shelf life.

Mountainside Farms knows the benefits of pure sources and understands that the purer the milk is before it enters processing, the more wholesome and better tasting it will be for consumers. 

Mountainside Farms tests all of its milk for the presence of the six antibiotics most commonly used on dairy cows, surpassing the mandatory testing required by state and federal regulations by 20 percent. 

In addition, Mountainside Farms requires certifications from all of its dairy farmers to ensure no growth hormones are used, i.e. rBST (artificial bovine growth hormone). 

Most unique is the company’s advanced bacterial centrifuge and filtration equipment not found in conventional milk processing.  This system allows Mountainside Farms to remove 90 to 95 percent of bacteria normally present in the milk prior to pasteurization. The process, unique to Mountainside Farms, ensures purer and better tasting milk that the company has trademarked as UltraPureTM


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